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I just got used for about 4 and a half hours.

I was out running errands as I typically do on a Monday, came home and made dinner in time for my lovers to come home.   Josh went to take a shower and Kit usually dresses down from her work makeup and flattering outfit. 

But instead, Kit dressed up.  She put on a tight dress and spiced her makeup up a little.  She handed me a pair of stockings, some heels and a corset and i got dressed while she picked out colours from her makeup kit.   Josh came out of the shower to me dolled up sexy and Kit looking like a porno secretary.  Her curves are starting to show and makes it that much hotter!

We ate dinner and then Kit put my sub collar on me and informed me I was their fucktoy until she decided otherwise.  

When that collar goes on, something in me changes.   A switch flips.  I am 100% subservient to their every wish and do exactly as they ask.  Despite acting like a mindless slave, its exhilarating to respond immediately to every dirty request.

Kit stuffed me with toys while I sucked off Josh, she rubbed his cum off my face with her twat as he tied my arms behind me, making sure my toys were firmly in place.  

He fucked my ass.  A lot.  I ate Kit out a lot.  I was aggressively stuffed with toys a lot.  I came a whole bunch of times, and every single one of them was forced out while they continued to fuck me.  I wasn’t given a moment of rest through my orgasms

It wasn’t until about a half an hour ago that I was untied and toys were removed.  Finally Kit took off my collar.

I am very satisfied and very wet/stretched.  My ass tingles from the rough fucking it got tonight. 

I love my lovers.

How is it that so many still find this to be a thing?

The clit is so easy to find, so easy to touch and so easy to use!   If you are fishing around and she’s bored, you don’t know what you are doing.  Its not the woman’s fault that you cant find “the man in the boat”

If you find it, you will know.  She will tell you in about 3-8 different ways.

Summary:  If you cannot find the clit, you are a useless twat and a waste of a sexual partner.  

(Source: neuroticneurotic)

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