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So a play friend who read my post this morning sent me a text and dared me to go out in my super trashy outfit with heavy makeup and pigtails in.

Being of weak will as I am when a slutty dare comes along I challenged him, “And what if I do go out?  Where would I go dressed like this?”

He suggested his place as his wife was out getting laid by another swing friend of theirs. 

I didn’t reply to his comment and instead, slipped on a dress to cover myself up and snuck out to my car and then proceeded to make my way to his place.  He doesn’t live far.

In his driveway I pulled the dress over my head so I was wearing nothing but a bra, fishnet bodystocking, and heels.   

I sent him a text that read, careful what you wish for… and waited for him to look out the front door.   Quick check of the neighbourhood and I strutted from the car to his house while he nervously looked around to see if anyone saw me. 

Once inside he complimented just how sexy hot I looked in my trashy makeup, pigtails and slutty outfit.  I didn’t waste any time dropping to my knees and just said, “You are going to fuck me now right?”

And dear god he did.   It was all very fast and very aggressive.  He tied my arms behind my back and fucked my mouth, then he threw me over the couch and did my ass raw and fast.  I was flipped over and treated to a hot splattering of cum on my face.   

I sucked his dick gently til he was ready for another round and he fucked my pussy sloppy.

He again came on my face and then untied me.  

I thanked him for the cock and treating me like the cumwhore I am.   I left an even trashier used up mess without looking to see if anyone was coming down the road.  If I was noticed, I didn’t see them.

I drove home looking like a crackwhore and managed to make it up my driveway and into the house without anyone noticing I was bare pussy to the wind and cum on my overly made up face.

I think its time for a shower.

oralninja asked:

Fuck I love your blog!! Wish I had a slutty stripper girlfriend! Come home to see you riding a hung stud or two. Go down on you when you get home at3am and hear all about the sexy guys you danced for and wanted to fuck. Maybe you did fuck one or two

I don’t have sex with anyone from the strip club with the exception of the few couples or playfriends that we have invited to watch me dance.

Typically, if I see someone I play with at the club, I won’t even acknowledge I know them. 

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