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I think people really don’t get how the Ask tool works. 

You send me an ask and I can post your question with a response.   I just discovered my last post generated a number of reblogs where the person asked me a direct question in the part they added….

How am I supposed to know they asked it?

If you have something to ask me, then CLICK HERE AND ASK ME!

Too much or not enough?

I have a dilemma and will be talking with Kit and Josh today about a proposition I received from a former client of mine when I worked for a very exclusive escort service. 

This guy has money.  He is a typical workaholic who has no time for relationships, which is why he would hook up with me.  When his business brought him into town he would arrange for me to be his date through the escort service.  Since that service shut down he has kept in touch with me and has arranged a number of dates between us.  His dates have always included some sort of “girlfriend experience” taking me out to dinner or something before I got to changing into something slutty and fucking his brains out.  Not going to lie.. he is good at it and has a lot of stamina.

But that’s been a while.   And after we stopped swinging and made our dedication to each other I was off the market for a bit.  Now that I am back on the market but just for hooking, it seems convenient that he sent me a “are you still not booking dates” email.

I am booking dates and enjoying my sexual freedom (provided its paid for) so I responded to him last night that I was infact full service escorting again.

Then came the proposition.

He wants me to go on a trip with him for 5 days.  He rarely relaxes and is taking an all inclusive vacation and wants me to go with him.  He wasn’t shy about what he would expect of me on this trip.   I would be his trophy slut that he would show off while doing normal vacation stuff, and the rest of the time I would be his willing cumslut.  He wants to take me shopping to buy slutty clothes and heels that he likes, then pay for my ticket

I have no problem with that. 

I just don’t know if Kit and Josh would be cool with me going away that long, knowing I will be getting laid all the time.  The offer he gave me was impressive, and I cannot hide the idea that it would be sexy fun to go on a hooker vacation.

What to do???


I wish I had a load of cum on my face.  

Oh, look, there’s still some in my hair…

Josh came in this morning after I drunkenly toyfucked myself to sleep in the spare room and throatfucked me until he came on my face.   I told him his cock tasted like Kit’s pussy.

He admitted it did.  She wouldn’t let him cum on her because her work makeup was already on and she didn’t want to mess it.   

So he messed me.   And I blissfully fell asleep and left it there until just a few minutes ago.

I need a shower.

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