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Long Weekend

Stripped Thursday night, Friday Night, Last night and while I don’t usually go on Sunday, its the last one of the “summer” and for some reason its terribly busy on a long weekend sunday night.

But I am coming home and putting on my collar right away as Josh and Kit (and whoever else they invite over) own my holes.  

I get so worked up thinking about being “property” for them in a group setting.  Kit always paints me up so sexy and alluring, and Josh makes me work for his cock even if it means finishing off everyone else first.

adorablesexyslut asked:

I hear you. people always reblog my pics and comment about fucking their daughter

There’s a lot of kinky shit out there and I am always in support of exploring.  But there’s some things I will NEVER see sexually. 

Shit and Piss, Abuse as “It means he Loves me”, having sex with a family member, and children. 

Fuck that!

caurien asked:

Steph, I have been reading your tumblr since hunky was still living with you. My question is actually what happened to chrissy? Seems she started to enjoy the lifestyle then havent really seen any mention of her.

As with many people in the lifestyle, they like it for a while then they find a significant other who isn’t in the lifestyle and you don’t see them anymore.

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